Friday, February 14, 2014

Nothing like Vintage Valentines!

My heart will always be with the retro Valentines! They were the cutest! Today's Valentines don't carry the personality they once did.

One of my favorite times of the year was the Valentine exchange in grade school. I had so much fun decorating my box and getting it just perfect.

I loved getting the list of names of my classmates who I would give a special little card too. I couldn't wait to see the collection I would get in my box too! It was always a mishmash of fun and colorful designs that made my brain pop with excitement. I wish I still had every single one. Sadly I'm sure my mom did a bedroom clean out and they'd get tossed away because I would never throw them away.

Thankfully we have eBay and yard sales and flea markets. It's been fun collecting pieces of my past again. Here are tiny few from my collection that I remember as a little girl.

I hope you all have a beautiful Valentines Day


  1. Boy do I feel bad now! Really if I had kno9wn how precious those valentines were to you I would have never thrown them out. All I was trying to do was keep a little order in a very messy room. So my dear, if you had kept your room neater and your valentines properly put away you would still have them, maybe. I too, love those vintage little pieces of paper with the dearest sentiments on them. Have a Happy Valentine's Day. Love you!

    1. I still feel bad about my messy room, mommy. I'm so sorry :( It's fun to come across these though. I love the hunt! I have nearly 200 now! Yes...I'm still a little hoarder :)