Friday, November 18, 2011

A Peek Inside My Cozy Cabinet

During a call one day with my artist friend, the question was raised as to where I write? When I responded telling him, “in my closet”, (I’m easily distracted anywhere else) he chuckled and asked if I’d send him a picture. He wanted to see where I created my fun little tales. While still on the phone, I took a peek at my closet nook and knew I wouldn’t be sending him a picture anytime soon. My room was in desperate need of a straightening up. To change the subject, I then asked to see his place of inspiration. It didn’t take long for his pictures to arrive in my inbox. I grew envious as his place was everything I wished mine would be.

A few days later when my friend asked again about my room, I decided to take a day, fold and hang the mountain of laundry that was taking up my throne and toss out the Halloween candy wrappers on my floor. I also wanted to frame pieces of art and go through boxes full of old memories in hopes of finding pieces to add to my room.

At the end of the day my room was finished. It wasn’t as grand as my friend’s but I was pleased. Inside you’ll now find my favorite books of those who inspire me. You’ll find my childhood toys and trinkets. You’ll find gifts from family and friends who know me best. You’ll find artwork and photos that motivate me. You’ll find little notes of encouragements and illustrations of my characters from my children.

Finally, I’m surrounded by the things that make me unique; the things that scream, my room, my nook, my cozy cabinet!

Do you have a special place that you call yours?

Be sure to check out my friend’s blog. His work is amazing!