Monday, December 26, 2011

My Ugly Christmas Kitty

Every week since November 15th I have posted on my Facebook page a little hint of a Christmas wish. I never knew what a stir it would cause but as the weeks went by the 5 words ‘All I want for Christmas’, followed by a picture of a black kitten, generated a mountain of responses, phone calls, personal messages and face to face chats.

My heart is full. Many hoped the best for me and loved ones as far as Denmark offered adopting a kitty for me if my holiday wish failed to come true.

Christmas is now a day past and the very first gift that was given was that of the ugliest, smelliest, scrawniest, mangiest little kitten I have ever laid eyes on! He must have come straight from a trash can, I swear it! My husband went to the local animal shelter and saw this rat of a cat, shoved in a cage and climbing over the others cute fluffy kitties, trying desperately to get out. He knew without a doubt which one belonged to me.

Can you guess what I named him? The winner gets a handmade prize from me. Oh, what fun! Sorry, but readers of my Benjamin Bohns story must not play!

Hint: A black cat + crossing my path = good luck