Monday, January 14, 2013

Watch for the Wolves, Little Red

At a young age my parents introduced me to a little tale. Ever since then Little Red Riding Hood has been my favorite. I had books and stuffed dolls. One doll was a topsy turvy. On one end was Little Red, she was perfect with her red cape, braids and dainty face. When you turned her upside down the doll transformed into the loving Grandmother with her spectacles and bed cap. When you lifted grandmother's cap up and over her face, the wolf was there. He was gray and had yellow eyes with sharp pointed teeth. I spent hours playing with that doll. In the woods outside our home, I was Little Red and I was taking a basket to my Grandma Hasek.  

The tale of Little Red has such an important lesson. Girls, watch out for the wolves because they are out there. They will hurt you and those you love. Stay on the path and don't ever leave it. Listen to your parents and loved ones. Be cautious and wise to what is around you. And if you find yourself in trouble after falling to temptation, (because flowers are so lovely) there is hope. But while wolves are out there, hope is also out there. Heroes still exist. Let them lift you out of the belly of sadness and hopelessness. 

And always, always, always wear red. Be who you are, but be smart.