Sunday, June 26, 2011

What's That Coming Over the Hill???

Since my book is all about monsters, I often wonder what kind I would be. According to Wikipedia: ‘a monster is any fictional creature, usually found in legends...’

I always believed in order to be a monster, one had to be blood thirsty, wanted to eat my brains or lurked in the depths of a green, slimy swamp. As I wrote, I realized that any creature we believe to be made-up is actually a monster.

So that leaves hobbits and gnomes in the same class as vampires and zombies! Do these little innocent dwellers, that keep to themselves, deserve to be called monsters?

Take a moment and think about your personality. Deep down, who are you really? Are you an innocent monster or a bad monster?

Mike says I’d be a gnome. I know he said that because I’m short. He didn’t even give me that hope of calling me a hobbit! He skipped right over that. At least he didn’t see me with hairy feet! Even though he may look at me as a little gnome and wish me to be one, I know I am not. If I were a monster, I’d be a pixie. Though I seem innocent and sweet, it is me who is the one smiling in the background while everyone else is blaming others for the trick I have just done!

HeHe…look out for me!

What monster would you be and why?

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day

Hello everyone! I'm starting a blog and would love to invite all my facebook friends to join in the fun. I'm kind of new to all this so maybe some of you can give me pointers as I go.

Father's Day!!!

When I was a little girl I had to share a bedroom with my older sister. When Ann was a baby my parents started her on a Madame Alexander doll collection. Every birthday or Christmas she was given a new doll. Around their waist's she would twist thin wire and then tack the dolls on the walls around our room. Most little sisters would have looked at these pretty little dolls and dreamed of having such a collection, but I wasn't like most little sisters. When I looked upon these dolls (I rarely ever did) I saw little people that stared right back at me. I was terrified of my room. When night came, there was never getting out of sleeping elsewhere. I had a bedroom and a bed and that was where I was to sleep. One night when I was being tucked in by my Dad, I told him I was scared. I was embarrassed to tell him why because I feared my big sister would make fun of me. I asked him if he would, "leave a little light on the door." I believed that if there was light that shined into my room from the hall I would be safe from all those dolls that wanted to eat me. Of course Ann complained saying she couldn't sleep with the light shining in but Dad, knowing I was scared of something, solved the problem. To the door he did a jig and sang this little song, "Leave a little light on the door," Kicking out a foot and throwing out an arm, he'd continue, "Carrie wants some light on the door. Leave a little light on the door," etc... Ann and I would laugh and those pretty monster dolls would suddenly go away.

I love my Dad. His quirkiness has always made me smile and helped define who I am.

What is one of your favorite dad, uncle, grandfather or father figure stories?

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Hi Everyone!

Hi it's Carrie take a look at my new website!