Sunday, June 26, 2011

What's That Coming Over the Hill???

Since my book is all about monsters, I often wonder what kind I would be. According to Wikipedia: ‘a monster is any fictional creature, usually found in legends...’

I always believed in order to be a monster, one had to be blood thirsty, wanted to eat my brains or lurked in the depths of a green, slimy swamp. As I wrote, I realized that any creature we believe to be made-up is actually a monster.

So that leaves hobbits and gnomes in the same class as vampires and zombies! Do these little innocent dwellers, that keep to themselves, deserve to be called monsters?

Take a moment and think about your personality. Deep down, who are you really? Are you an innocent monster or a bad monster?

Mike says I’d be a gnome. I know he said that because I’m short. He didn’t even give me that hope of calling me a hobbit! He skipped right over that. At least he didn’t see me with hairy feet! Even though he may look at me as a little gnome and wish me to be one, I know I am not. If I were a monster, I’d be a pixie. Though I seem innocent and sweet, it is me who is the one smiling in the background while everyone else is blaming others for the trick I have just done!

HeHe…look out for me!

What monster would you be and why?


  1. I don't recall making the 'gnome' comment but I am old.
    I would be a werewolf in desperate need of a flea bath. I would run around the countryside preying on unsuspecting watermelon fields and sleeping in the dumpsters of 5 star hotels. Eventually I would meet a girl who would tame me and make me throw away my tattered aqua tank tops and gel my fur. After having several pups, who eventually grow up and go to college, I will bite her and we can roam the interstates terrorizing angry drivers by driving 15 mph below the legal limit with our turn signal constantly blinking.

  2. Yes! You are a werewolf! You got it perfect! But don't think you can bite me, I've been bit before and it hurts! I will fight you off big boy! Oh...and you did make the gnome just said it like an hour ago! I haven't forgotten!

  3. I might enjoy taking a good bite out of somebody. But I hate blood. So I'm not sure what that would make me...Perhaps a vampire with issues? ;)

  4. Maybe the Stay-Puft marshmallow man if I could be sweetened with honey rather than refined sugar :)

  5. I would be a centaur... then I could keep up with my horses as we gallop through the fields. But the barn would need to be remodeled...

  6. Louise...I like that, a vampire with issues. :)

    tpr...The Stay-Puff Marshmallow Man? Maybe the zombie that never stops. :)

    TGeste...yes, you got it! Right on! You would be a centaur. :)

  7. My aunt Maryanne Hebbert sent me to check out your site and blog. Good luck to you with your writing! I think the creepiest monster is the baby doll on Toy Story 3!

  8. Hi Christy! Glad to have you! I just love your Aunt Mary Ann! She is such a wonderful lady. I agree, the Big Baby was a bit creepy. I thought he/she looked a lot like the original American Girl, Bitty Baby doll. What do you think?