Friday, May 13, 2016

'The Cold Room' is now available in book form!!

My book, 'The Cold Room', is now available in physical form on Amazon! YAY!! We did a little alteration of the cover, giving credit to our very talented Bella who took the picture and included my maiden name which is HaĊĦek. My father's people came from the old country of Czechoslovakia and were gypsies, and for those who have read the book, you now understand who I might be :) For those who still might read it, you are in for a treat!  ;) Having my book made the old fashioned way makes me most happy because I'm an old soul and I love books - heck I hoard them. Even though I have a Kindle, I still buy real books and visit book stores and go hunting for that perfect bookmark. Truthfully, I hardly ever use my Kindle because I still love feeling the weight of a book in my hands, and smelling the pages. I love turning the paper as you finish a page & nothing is better than closing a good book after it's over and hugging it tight in your arms. So for you old souls out there, I hope you hold my book tight and I hope you read and reread it over and over and over.  And if you're ever in the area, I'll sign it for free if you wish. 
 Thanks so much for all the love and support I've already received! My heart is so full! Please buy, please read, please spread the word and please post reviews on Amazon & on Goodreads! Thank you soooo much! You guys are soooo awesome!

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

My Book Launch Day! Today has really come!

What a beautiful day already! I can't believe this day has truly come. My heart is so full. I'm trying to control my tears but they are such happy ones I will let them fall today.

Today is my birthday & the day I have dreamed about for so many years. It's the day my very 1st book is out for the world to read. I have mixed feelings about this as it's been my baby for so long and my characters have never left me. It's hard to let them be go for others to know and judge. Constructing this book has been such a haunting experience. Friends & family & those who are just starting to know me, please know, this book is my heart and holds so much of me in it. So many pieces of my life are tucked into the Balancovat history.

Please know this book is not perfect. Mike (my husband) and a few dear friends were my editors. We looked into a professional one but we were unable to come up with the funds. I feel my own editors did an amazing job and I couldn't be more pleased.

I'm so thankful for those readers who where with me from the very beginning. It was a rough start but they stuck by my side because they knew there was a story in there somewhere. I needed them more than they will ever understand.

I couldn't have done this without the love I felt from hundreds of miles away. My parents are such amazing people and the hardest working couple I have ever known. Never once did a phone call not include something about my writing and my books. They kept my dream alive and pushed and encouraged me along. When I was a young girl they gave me the experience of living on a farm which is the setting of my book. They let me explore and make up my own stories and run and fly and live. They never once stepped on my dreams. They are such perfect examples for me to follow. I love them so much! 
I couldn't have done this with without the love and support of my children. They prayed hard for this book to happen. They acted out the story in plays, they made paper dolls of my characters, drew endless pictures and some even used their own birthday wishes on my dream. The days I'd get discouraged, they would slip notes under my door telling me to never give up and they believed in me. They carried me through the hardest times. They've been my loudest cheerleaders and carefully carried my heart when it was broken.
Lastly I want to thank my husband. (I'm crying so hard as I type this). Without him this book truly wouldn't have happened. He was hard on me but it was because he believed in me and he wasn't going to let me throw this dream away. He knew I needed it and he knew I had a story to tell. So many arguments were a result of my stubbornness and he telling me I was doing it wrong. This conversations is embedded in our minds as it happened all the time and still does to this day. Mike: "You just can't say it that way, it's not correct!" Me: "but that's how I see it in my mind!" I'm starting to believe everything he tells me. He's always right. I adore him. No one else would have ever gone through this with me. Like my parents, he lets me fly. never once has he tried to clip my wings. I never really knew myself until I married him. I love you, Mike!  
I hope you all will enjoy my book. Wren is such a dear girl to me. Her life is my life in many ways. Knowing her is knowing me. I hope you will take a chance on her. I hope she brings you adventures and headaches and frustrations but mostly I hope she keeps you cheering for her. I hope you fall in love with her. Thank you for all your love and support! It means the world to me! Below is the link to my book. I hope you will enjoy it! (the selected images are not mine).