Friday, November 18, 2011

A Peek Inside My Cozy Cabinet

During a call one day with my artist friend, the question was raised as to where I write? When I responded telling him, “in my closet”, (I’m easily distracted anywhere else) he chuckled and asked if I’d send him a picture. He wanted to see where I created my fun little tales. While still on the phone, I took a peek at my closet nook and knew I wouldn’t be sending him a picture anytime soon. My room was in desperate need of a straightening up. To change the subject, I then asked to see his place of inspiration. It didn’t take long for his pictures to arrive in my inbox. I grew envious as his place was everything I wished mine would be.

A few days later when my friend asked again about my room, I decided to take a day, fold and hang the mountain of laundry that was taking up my throne and toss out the Halloween candy wrappers on my floor. I also wanted to frame pieces of art and go through boxes full of old memories in hopes of finding pieces to add to my room.

At the end of the day my room was finished. It wasn’t as grand as my friend’s but I was pleased. Inside you’ll now find my favorite books of those who inspire me. You’ll find my childhood toys and trinkets. You’ll find gifts from family and friends who know me best. You’ll find artwork and photos that motivate me. You’ll find little notes of encouragements and illustrations of my characters from my children.

Finally, I’m surrounded by the things that make me unique; the things that scream, my room, my nook, my cozy cabinet!

Do you have a special place that you call yours?

Be sure to check out my friend’s blog. His work is amazing!


  1. I LOVE your little writing closet. My "spot" is not nearly as secluded as yours. I sit in my favorite wing chair with my laptop on a TV table in front of me. I'm in the living room with the TV and my husband. Maybe that's why it took me 4 years to finish my first book!!

  2. Mikey, Mikey
    Tall not Pyche
    Had a wife
    He really Likey
    He put her in a walk-in closet
    Hoping she'd become an asset

    Boo!!! That's really terrible now that I look at it. I'm glad you're the writer.

  3. SO cozy and quaint, Carrie! The perfect spot for the conception of the next NY Times bestseller! Thanks for giving us a peek :)

  4. I have to say I'm jealous. My computer, and I do mean desktop, is situated exactly in the middled of our kitchen/dinning room so that I'm always aceccilble to the kids. My husband promises that once I sell a book for enough money, he'll have a wing built off the house that I can use as my writing room and I can break out all of my weird stuff instead of looking at it over my shoulder every so often. Don't call it your closet. Call it your creation nook. :)

  5. Thanks, Linda! I wrote my first novel with a key board on my lap and in a ladderback chair! It can be done anywhere if you have the yearning:)

    Mike, you're so goofy:) Thanks always for your support and making me laugh! And thanks for cleaning out part of the closet just for me.

    Louise, you are such a sweetheart and huge support! Thanks for always being so upbeat and positive. I can't wait for your creations to be bestsellers!

    It will happen, Krista! I know your little creation nook is in the near future! :)

  6. Yea Carrie, you did it!!!! I am so happy that you have "that" little spot that is yours to get away and fly into the unique mind spot you have. You have always had a way with making places happy, unique, and yours. You have that abilityto take nothing and turn in into something wonderful. I guess that is why you are the writer and I am not. I know this little spot is just you. I can see it already and love it because it represents you and all those things you treasure.

  7. Thanks so much for this, Mom:) Thanks for hanging on to many of my childhood toys and helping me find the lost ones. Without you, many of these little treasures would have been lost forever. Thanks for always letting me be a pack-rat and allowing me to be who I am. Your support is priceless!

  8. Looking at this picture I want to play one of those eye spy games. I spy all of your special childhood things. Oh and seeing that Grover makes me ask have you ever read the book "There's a Monster At The End Of This Book" if not find it and read it, it cracks me up every time!!!

  9. Thanks, Laura! I'm always adding little pieces here & there as I find them. Just this weekend at the flea market I found the same 'Old Maid' cards we played with as kids, Molly Moo, Husky Hank, Dippy Dabb, etc. The deck has found a place in my little room of treasures.
    And, yes! I have read the best Grover book ever! And of course I own it:)