Thursday, July 25, 2013

Finally, I’m a Blythe Mommy!

The first time I saw their round faces with their huge blinking/changing eyes, I was in love. They seemed to talk to me. They are adorable and quirky, with just the right amount of strange. If I were a doll, I’d want to be a Blythe.

When I was little, dolls scared me. I did have a couple and those little girls were as friendly and timid as I was.  My older sister’s dolls, on the other hand, were bold and evil!  They were too pretty, frilly and much too delicate. Their boxes were even treated with the best care and stacked nice and neat in our closet with the original pink tissue paper carefully folded inside. Most of these dolls were displayed on our walls. Some even hung over my bed.  In my nightmares, they came to life and liked to bite me and pull my hair.

I like to think that if I had a Blythe, when I was little in the 70’s & 80’s, my sister’s dolls would have stayed away. The original dolls sat on department store shelves because they were just a little too freaky for that generation. I think they would have been freaky for those fancy dolls too. But, they would have been perfect for me.  I have always been a little strange.

Earlier in the year, one of my friends had a beautiful Custom Cinnamon Blythe dolly up for sale. The moment I saw the doll, I was in love. More in love than I had been with any other Blythe. She was perfect. This little dolly wanted me as much as I wanted her. After a miracle of her not going into another’s home, things worked out and I was able to adopt her.

Cora Wren is the name I was never able to use for a daughter but now it has been given to a doll, my very first Blythe. She will always be a treasure and always stay in my care. It’s nice to be one of those girls who will never grow up, the kind who collect old childhood toys and always plays with her dolls.

For more history on these amazing little dolls please visit this site:

Take a peek at my Cora Wren’s custom transformation:

Please take a look at Phillaine’s site as she’s such an amazing Blythe artist:


  1. Congratulations on your new "baby". :) I like the picture of her posed at the old typewriter. Very cute.

  2. Thanks, Krista! Like mother like daughter ;) She's always around when I write. She's a big supporter!