Monday, April 8, 2013

The Invisible Red Thread and Three Little Ladies

"An invisible red thread connects those destined to meet, regardless of time, place, or circumstances. The thread may stretch or tangle, but never break." - Ancient Chinese Proverb

For years I didn't believe in soul mates. I never had one. I never believed there was another girl in this entire world like me. But the moment Dana and I connected, we were finishing each other’s sentences. Out of all the hours in a day, we’d pick the exact moments to send emails. We would find images online to share only to discover the other was saving that same image with the same plan. The list goes on and on. We seemed more like twins than new friends.

Dana has been very ill for a long time and she recently found herself in the hospital hanging on hope for survival. Her communication to me was very limited as it was too painful to even type. Her jaw was so swollen she couldn't talk or even eat.  Dana’s father read her my messages and I waited patiently for her father’s updates.

Miles and miles separate us but that invisible thread was never cut. Somehow our bond grew. Somehow we continued to know about the other with little contact.

For her birthday, I went online in hopes to find that perfect image. I wanted something she could hang in her room and at her weakest moments in her illness, she could remember us and all our future plans. It had to be extra special. I wanted an image of hope.

The moment I visited Mab Graves’s site her piece ‘Best Friends’ spoke to me.  It was me and Dana. Mab had captured us perfectly. Tears welled up in my eyes when my husband nodded yes. I believe he felt it too.

I contacted the artist with my desire to purchase this limited image. In our communication, I shared with her a brief history of Dana. Being the darling Mab is, she took the time to find out a little more about Dana. She visited her blog and she too was touched by this amazing little lady.
It wasn't long before Mab contacted me. She shared how she was drawn to Dana and how alike the two of them were. In her discovery something awoke and to help Dana in her healing, she wanted to do something special too. Along with ‘Best Friends’ (and a few extra little pieces), Mab took the time to illustrate Dana and sent it with a special note of healing and good cheer.

When the pieces arrived, my heart sang. There was so much love in this gift. I took them to be framed, making them perfect so all Dana had to do was find the spots on the wall. Those who helped me in the different shops were drawn to the images and the story. Power was there. Strangers were touched. 

I wish I could have been there when she opened both gifts. I wish I could have seen her face. I still tear up knowing I felt it when she did open them. I could feel joy and gratitude hundreds of miles away. It didn't take long before Dana, being so sick, found the energy to contact me.
It is nice to know there are dear souls in this world.  While it may seem bleak at times there are still good people in it. There are people who take the time to reach out and truly feel the spirit of another.  Thank you, Mab Graves for what you have done for my friend. Thank you for somehow connecting to mine and Dana’s red thread and drawing ‘Best Friends’. And thank you Mab for going the extra mile, for extending yourself even further and painting Dana perfectly. It will forever be a treasured masterpiece.  I am one of your biggest fans, not only because of your amazing talent but because of what you have done. I consider you a friend. One of the dearest, and so does Dana.  

For more information on my dearest friend and her illness, please visit Dana’s blog.

And please visit and support Mab Graves. She makes this world a little more beautiful in many ways.

Don’t forget to visit her Etsy shop!


  1. Carrie, this is every facet of beautiful! Thank you for sharing it. Anne (of Green Gables) is right, isn't she? There are "kindred spirits" in this world. How precious that you have found yours. It sounds like Mab is one, too.

    Wish we could meet sometime. I would love to know your kind(red) spirit better :)

    1. Kindred spirits I do believe in! I'm so grateful for technology. Without it, I might forever be on my little island all by myself. What a blessing to find those who we connect with.

      Yes! I too hope you and I have the chance to meet. How beautiful that all these red threads can make an unbreakable web of forever friendships. <3

    2. Carrie what beautiful story of friendship and hope. Thank you for writing this and sharing. You have a beautiful soul and your changing the world with one kind act at a time. Precious...

    3. Christi, Thanks so much for your sweet words. I can tell by the way you reach out and support you have a big heart. Thank you SO much!

  2. love soulmate best friends!! XO

    1. Oh, thank you for visiting, emi! Thanks for the sweet words. I visited your blog and can't wait to visit again! :)