Sunday, July 24, 2011

Flipping the Driver's Ed Car

As the years pass, we collect experiences that help mold us into who we are. Since the present is usually were we’re focusing, our past events sometimes become forgotten. We all have fun forgotten facts; I’ll share one of mine, if you share one of yours!

My family is large. There are 12 of us counting Mom & Dad. Even though it’s big, the chance of a couple of us rolling and totaling cars is slim. But the fact is we have rolled our share. Six out of us twelve have, and leave it to me to be the one that caused the biggest stink.

It is true; I flipped the Driver’s Ed car. Now, let me explain! It wasn't my fault! Truly it wasn't. Who would put a new driver on a freshly-tarred, black top, curvy road while it was raining? On top of that, lots of loose gravel on the shoulders.

I think you can picture it. Teenager + car + rain + tar + black top road + curve + gravel = disaster. Thankfully we all came out of it okay, though my fellow student in the back booked it to the woods to relieve himself.



  1. Wow, what a crazy thing! Thank goodness nobody, including you, was hurt. My first car was a used Ford Mustang. The day we picked it up I felt a little "off." I didn't know I was coming down with the world's worst stomach virus. Lasted almost 7 days. It hit me while I was driving my new "baby" home. Ewwe. Since then I always keep a plastic bag under the seat. Just in case....

  2. You resemble a big game hunter celebrating her first kill! Lucky your fellow student didn't relieve himself in the back seat... I probably would have. Glad no one was hurt; except the car, of course...

  3. That is terrible, Louise! Nothing like losing that new car smell. ;)

    Oh, Mike! :)

    TGeste...BIG kill indeed! The funny think about the boy in the back was that even though he had to "go" when he came back, he was more in control than the instructor. He just kind of took over. It was pretty amazing. I wonder if he ended up a paramedic of something.

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    1. Oh, goodness!! How fun! Thanks for this :)Just tried parallel parking and failed miserably...